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Drawn to Death – Review


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Name: Drawn to Death
Released: 04.04.2017
Developer: The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4


Drawn to Death is an attempt to make a fun bloody third-person shooter, combined with a brawler arena multiplayer. The game is set in a sketchbook drawn by a teenager which is bored in class. But can it compete with the others in the same genre?


Graphics and Gameplay

Drawn to Death is set in a sketchbook, and the graphics shows that really well. Everything is interpreted that way, with a cell-shaded like with drawings. There is nothing to point out about it, It’s making the game stand out from the others.


Drawn to Death features a handful of intricate maps and creative modes, a half dozen deceptively complex characters, and a large variety of weapons that are admittedly fun to experiment with. There’s a shotgun, for example, that can sprout ax blades if you pull the trigger with precise timing, and a coffin that catapults corpses, which you reload by literally yanking a new one out of the dirt.

All this sounds good, but it doesn’t feel good to play. You move sluggish and floats through the air like paper, (no pun intended) and it takes to much damage to kill an opponent because of all the health you start with. An effect of this is that every weapon feels weak, a lack of punch in them.

There is no split screen multiplayer, and only 4 player limit online. This makes the matches boring and short.


Drawn to Death is horribly unbalanced. There are a few weapons that is unfairly overpowered, and just ruins the game. Likewise with the character roster, each of the six avatars available at launch has a unique arsenal of abilities, moves and special attacks. And some are just garbage compared with others. Alan, a seemingly pedophiliac teddy bear with a chainsaw, automatically regenerates health, turns invisible at will, and has powerful special attacks. Meanwhile, Johnny Savage, a guitar-wielding punk, is basically useless because his unique abilities – a ground-slam and guitar attacks – require far too much precision to be reliable.


And because of all this, this game is going to need updates and new content to be a game that people will play on a regular basis. Add modes that support more players and balance it better is a start.



It’s  a game that could stand out,  had it just been worked on a bit more. It can be fun sometimes, at least if you play with some friends. But with some odd design choices and unbalanced gameplay ruins the experience, makes the game unplayable. .




  • Interesting graphics
  • Unique characters
  • 4 player limit
  • No spilt screen
  • Unbalanced



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