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Lego Worlds – Review

Name: Lego Worlds
Released: 7, March
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Pc
Reviewed on: Playstation 4


Lego Worlds is Traveller’s Tales latest game in the Lego franchise, but this time it’s not based on another franchise. This time it is an open sandbox, with the tools to create whatever you want. Yes, this is maybe the game everyone that loves lego want to play. How does it compete against games like Minecraft?



Let’s start off with the graphics in Lego Worlds, but how do you compare graphics in a Lego game? I played this on a regular Playstation 4 and it looks really good, every little detail is made of Lego. But since release the game have been struggling with framerate on different occasions. When you explore dungeons and new locations, it can drop sometimes. And when exploring  the biggest worlds, textures sometimes are missing.


Well, the story isn’t the reason why you will play this game. And it’s not much to say about it, it’s a simple story.


You start as an astronaut explorer, and the spaceship gets hit by a meteor. Then crash lands in a random world, and the spaceship is wrecked. Then we are told we need to find Gold Bricks to fix the ship. The more Bricks you collect the more powerful the ship gets, and further you can travell. And that’s the story, collect 100 Gold Bricks to become the Master Builder.


This is the most important when it comes to a Lego game.

But this game may confuse you, it depends what you want from this game. I bought this in the belief it was more like for example Minecraft, build whatever you want, whenever you want. The game starts of that you collect a tool gun, that you use to store everything you need. People, animals, vehicles and build sets this gun copies and store for you. To use and paste when building or doing quests. Then you get a tool to paint everything you want to with, and the one to lower/raise and flatten the terrain. Those are the basic tools you get to build and change the world you are inn.


The last tool you get is one to build things, brick by brick. You unlock the tools right away, so you don’t have to wait a long time to get them. But if you want to build things from scratch with the brickgun, you have to collect every little piece to use them. This can take some time to do, since you have to explore to find them and beat a little green monster that walks around with them. And there is no build mode in this game, so you have to play the game and explore to collect everything you need to build what you want. This may be disappointing for some, that might want to play this game for the building part.


But after 30 hours+ in this game, exploring and collecting i have to say i enjoyed it. The world is fun to be in, with its Lego charm the world never feels empty. There is people everywhere that want’s your help, trading, building and collecting is what the quest’s usually is about. So it is a massive universe to explore and you will often forget what you was doing and side tracked a bit.

The menus can be a bit clunky sometimes, that might be because this game started as a early access to pc. But it plays well with a controller,  and is easy to use to explore and build.



It’s a game with some small issues, but it is a good game i would recommend. With 2 player local and online multiplayer, it’s a fun experience. if you like to be in a massive world and do whatever you want it’s the game for you. But if you just want to build from the start it may be bit slow.



+ A Massive World

+ Fun To Play

+ Entertainment for all ages

– No Build Mode

– Framerate

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