Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch @ Gamescom 2017

Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition
Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition

Farming on the go?! Presentation + Hands On

If you clicked into this article you’ll know what Farming Simulator is and will probably know what the Nintendo Switch Edition will include. The Switch edition is port from the PlayStation 4 / PC version of Farming Simulator 17, so that means you’re not getting the handheld version that was released earlier this year. You will get the full Farming Simulator experience on the go.

All the features from Farming Simulator 17 will be included such as the 200 different vehicles from 50 brands. You can play missions, fixing your crops, harvest, feed animals and selling your harvest on the market.

Everything that made the Farming Simulator a success will be in this version, release date isn’t confirmed yet but we will get our hands on it before the end of this year.

Eira Skovlund



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