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Dragon Ball FighterZ @ Gamescom 2017

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball FighterZ @ Gamescom 2017

Presentation + Hands On

As many of you might know, I do not have a lot of experience with anime games. (Ref; Cinderella Girls) So I have to admit I was a little sceptic at first when my appointment for Dragon Ball FighterZ was next. Little did I know that this is something that truly would blow my mind away.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to release in February 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. But there will be an open beta before that time, and if you preorder the game now you’ll get two extra characters and two lobby avatars early. Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fighting game if I didn’t mention that, each player gets to choose between three characters each that they want to bring to the battle. And the gameplay was extremely fun and easy, we could say it was easy to play but hard to master. All the characters, button layout and combo’s wasn’t hard to learn.

Super attacks and animations was fun to look at and “colourful” as a typical anime should be.

This game might be a childhood dream comes true to dedicated fans, for me this was an excellent introduction to the genre.


Other new things that will be added to FighterZ is an all new story mode different from the anime series. And the most important aspect of this is that they will add animated dialogue, no more still pictures or non moving mouths!

One other cool mode that will be added is 3v3 matches, chaos! Instead of two players picking out three characters each, will six different players choose their character and join one out of two teams, tag team anyone?

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