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Final Fantasy XIV; Fun with Statistics!

Has it been 5 years already? Apparently it has, and to celebrate Final Fantasy XIV‘s fifth anniversary,  here are some of the statistics the MMORPG has gathered up!

What does London, Tokyo and Los Angeles have in common? They all have approximately 14 million citizens, which is also the total number of people who play Final Fantasy XIV. Talk about a party!

Have a lot of time on your hands? How about 4500 minutes? That’s the amount of time you need to watch all of the cutscenes within the Unending Journey on default speed with Japanese voices.  Unending? Maybe not quite. The equivalent of 38 showings of the classic Roman Holiday? Yes.

With such a big MMORPG installment of a series not exactly known to be light in story content, you’d expect Final Fantasy XIV to be heavy in text content. How heavy? How about 9 million words in all languages for just A Realm Reborn? Add in the two extensions one by one and you get 15 million words for Heavensward and 24 million words for Stormblood before finally presently sitting at 28 million words, or the length of Sherlock Holmes‘ complete collection times 43!

sherlock holmes laptop computer silhouette in studio on white ba

As for the music, Final Fantasy XIV boasts a total of 498 tracks spanning an overall total of around 2000 minutes, which is enough to cruise down Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica at 113 km/h! (disclaimer: we do not recommend you trying this for various reasons, some of them may or may not be legal)

Now let’s talk money, or more specifically gil! When something needs fixing, you generally need money to get it professionally done, and this is no exception in Final Fantasy XIV. In fact, the total money spent on repairs exceeds a whopping 1.8 trillion gil! If one gil was one cent, this would in other words be enough to repair the Leaning Tower of Pisa for the next 530 thousand years!

Bosses are commonplace in the Final Fantasy series, and some of them yield different rewards upon defeat. Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, for example, gives you light, and has been defeated the grand total of over 2.6 million times! If each defeat gave one lux, and the sun shines for 100 thousand lux on a clear day, then that would be enough for almost a month of sunshine!

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Traveling is also a big element in games with big worlds to explore, and on a daily basis 800 thousand players use the aetheryte in Rhalgr’s Reach every day. This is 50 thousand more than the daily amount of travelers that use New York’s Grand Central Station!

In addition to traveling by aetheryte, Final Fantasy XIV also offers more traditional-like aerial travel in the form of the Yoshi-P (no apparent relation to the green one). This ship has seen its share of use, as well, with the total measured distance traveled by it being 810 thousand kilometers, or enough to travel to the moon and back!

Some people follow their workout regimens religiously, like the House Fortemps Guards. These guys must never skip Core Day, because they’ve done over 77.2 million squats up until now! If you wonder how much energy they’ve burned on this, the answer is enough energy to power an electric car to take a trip around the full circumference of the Earth!

And at last, there’s a small, but big one. Up until August 2018, Final Fantasy XIV as a whole has a total of 107 awards and 34 nominations under its belt! No witty comparison here, just congratulations on a great run up until now, and hopefully beyond!

Source: PR Nordic Press Release

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