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Esports Surpassing Major Leagues?

“There’s no stopping esports” – Goldman Sachs

Esports are larger than ever, according to world-acclaimed investment bank Goldman Sachs. Recent studies show that 355 billion minutes of esports were streamed on Twitch alone last year, correlating with a 22% increase in viewership in one year. The bank also believes in a 14% growth over the next five years, resulting in a monthly audience of around 276 millions, catching up with the world’s biggest sports league, NFL.

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In fact, NFL themselves, along with fellow big-time sports league NBA, appear to embrace the growth of esports. With professional gamers earning millions and the prize money in esports tournaments steadily growing larger, the two sports giants are creating esports leagues of their own. Individual partnerships are also being made, with basket legend Michael Jordan investing in Axiomatic Gaming and co-owning Team Liquid. The latter has been valued at been valued at over 200 million USD, making it the world’s third most valuable esports company.

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With Team Liquid and other clubs operating like ordinary sports clubs, as well as major sports leagues endorsing pro gaming, it is safe to say that esports have made their mark as a professional sport. Some even theorize that esports could grow bigger than NFL, itself! Whether that statement is farfetched or not, it shows just how big esports have become.

Source: e24 article

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