Fly little Sugar Glider, Fly!

Last nights State of Play showcased new trailers of both new and old titles, amoung them, a sweet little sugar glider’s journey in the upcoming title Away: The Survival Series.


Away: The Survival Series has been announced for Steam since 2018, but now PlayStation 4 owners can venture out in this sweet sweet journey as well. There hasn’t been announced a release date just yet, so be sure to follow us on our social media so you can get the latest intel at once.

The studio behind this title have been in hard works in the last three years to deliver us a game where we can experience the wildlife in the eyes of an animal.

After three years of hard work, we are delighted to announce Away: The Survival Series for PlayStation 4! We can’t wait to share more gameplay with you, so feel free to check out our  for more updates as we take you deeper into the animal kingdom. – Laurent Bernier, Creative Director Breaking Walls

‘Away’ puts us in a distant future where we will experience a Sugar Gliders journey for a safe sanctuary. The journey won’t be easy, as we will encounter mysterious creatures and breathtaking environments.

You can read more from the developers announcement in their PlayStation blog post right here.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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