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RAGE 2, The road ahead

The party doesn’t stop when RAGE 2 launches tomorrow on the 14th of May. with stuff like events, community challenges, new vehicles, more enemies, new Cheat and two big expansions on the calendar, it’s going to be a pretty packed year ahead. on Bethesada’s website you can get the full rundown with their “What is RAGE 2″ page.

May will bring the first community challenges. complete these together, and everyone who takes part will be rewarded free skins. In order to get these rewards, you need to be online and signed in with your Bethesda.net account.

June will bring the first big game update, with fresh community challenges, new cheats and a couple major events. It will also bring with a pilotable Mech as a new cehicle type.

July then arrives with another big update forthe game, with another new vehicle type and more enemies joining the game. Community challenges, skins and Cheats will continue to be released for everyone to enjoy.

Then in August there will be tons of new events and other goodies. August brings the first expansion; Rise of the Ghosts. It will add a brand new storyline and region to explore, as well as new weapons, abilities and vehicles.

From then on out, there will be even more things coming out, with another expansion releasing in November. More details will be out soon.

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