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Gamescom2017 – Forza 7 – Hands On

On the showfloor on Gamescom Microsoft had set up a Forza 7 stand. So we got a chance to test it out, to see what is new and improved. So a good way to do that is to choose the newest car Porsche 911 gt2 on the newest track in Dubai. Dry roads with sand blowing over and reflection of the sun on the tarmac. Turned off all assist and got ready. When it starts it feels familiar right away, and could seem like not much have changed. Since it was a demo it was not much to check out except core gameplay. But the driving itself was really good, it felt tight and precise. The Porsche was a great car to drive, and was tight in the corners. And it was an easy car to go sideways with and keep control if you wanted. It got me really excited for it to get released, we only have to wait until october.

We also got a small sit down with Turn 10 Studios to tell us about Forza 7 and about what’s new. He was really excited to tell about Turn 10 collaboration with Ken Block, and that gymkhana stages will be a part the showcases. Also added is dynamic weather that can change mid-race, so no race is the same. He also mentioned that the minimum and recommended specs has been lowered on PC.

Background music will finally be a part of the main game, you can stream your music from Onedrive. More information will come later he said.

He also mentioned that you can almost use any usb device to play on PC, and yes he had tested it with a Guitar Hero guitar. Modes to play online will get more variation, they have taken feedback from the community from Forza 6.

More information will come before release

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