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Gangnam Korean Restaurant

Feeling hungry?
Gangnam Korean Restaurant has partnered up with us to provide our club members authentic Korean food to the table. Our members will receive a small discount on luxurious food.

What is Gangnam Korean Restaurant?
On ‘Aker Brygge’ Oslo, Norway lays a small venue called Gangnam Korean Restaurant with a Korean Head Chef who aims to deliver authentic Korean food to the population of Oslo. With homemade Kimchi and a food menu that fits both newcomers and veterans of Korean food, they surely impress the local food critics.

You can either call the restaurant yourself to place your order or simply order your takeaway through Foodora.

Adresse: Munkedamsveien 59, 0270 Oslo
Phone number:
 (+47) 22 83 22 09
You can follow them on Facebook right here.

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