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GOG Galaxy 2.0 – Review

Being a gamer on PC isn’t always easy, with companies growing and evolving it hasn’t been easy with all the launchers we have been forced to use to play our games. Just with a quick count, I found out that with all my games, I need to use 6-7 different launchers in some way to play the most popular games I own. GOG seems to be working on an application to remove much of that frustration.

Name: GOG Galaxy 2.0
Platforms: PC

So what is Galaxy 2.0? In short terms, it is the launcher to end all launchers. How did you ask? Well, it gathers all your data from every service that you connect, to put them all in one place for you to launch anytime. It also connects your friendslists achievements/trophies etc.


First off it starts really simple, you download the program, create a user. Then you are prompted to connect all of your chosen services. It took some time trying to remember all the usernames and passwords I have made variations to through the years but all in all, it was pretty simple. From there all my digital games from both my PC but also consoles were then gathered. Ready for me to just hit play, well the pc games that is, obviously. 


It is then possible to see all my games that are installed on my computer from each one of the services. It made it possible to see games I had forgotten were installed and helped me free up some much-needed space for more games. It also shows as advertised all my friends and what they are playing. But the best part is all the stats that got gathered, how much time I have spent, my achievements and the funniest or rather sad how many times I’ve bought the same game across all my platforms (GTA V is the worst that have been bought 4 times by me)

2020-02-23 (1)

There is also a store that might not come as a shock contains the GOG store, this is nitpicking but a huge missed opportunity. If it would have been able to show where to buy every game and maybe show the prices on each site in cases where the same game is sold on different services. It would further enhance the connectivity that we are seeing and made it obsolete to use. 


There are some things that make it impossible to replace all launchers, chat, store and multiplayer are some of them. So it will not be “the launcher to replace all launchers” but it can be used to make your life easier in so many ways. It needs some work to be the best, but it is a great tool after all. There are many features that would have been great to have, but from a business standpoint, can be difficult to achieve with it then becoming a competitor to the other services. We might have to wait a while to see if it ever evolves to something more, but I’m excited.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great tool for the gathering of games and friends
  • Much potential to further evolve



  • Missing features
  • Elements that make it impossible to replace all launchers



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