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GC18 – Anuman Microids – Hands-On

I was on a small visit to Anuman Microids booth, to check out their line up of games. unfortunately, there was a lack of time on my part, so I could only check out two of their games. What I got to see was really interesting, and one of the games really hit my nostalgia button. The two games I got the chance to try was Gear Club 2 Unlimited and Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 Remastered.

Gear Club 2 Unlimited

gearclub.originalGear Club is Nintendo’s exclusive racing game franchise, giving players semi-simulator racing on the go. It got praised for giving players, something there isn’t a lot of on Switch. Now a sequel is in the making, promising more refined gameplay and a lot more content.

I got the chance to drive some laps on different tracks, with diverse conditions. I asked for them to turn off all assists, to let me try what this game had to offer. They asked me twice if I was sure and as stubborn as I am I said yes. If I only had listened to what he said…… Gear Club 2 isn’t super realistic with it’s handling physics, so trying to figure out how the car handles and its behavior mid-race meant I had to sacrifice a podium. This was obviously really funny, for the guy watching over me. He smirked while I was crashing in every turn, and I was embarrassed with how I drove. But I got my redemption when I tried out one of the more snowy tracks, full of hairpin turns. Here I got the chance to show myself in my A-game, drifting with throttle control and small steering corrections. When finished I was met with two thumbs of approval, and I felt extremely satisfied.

Gear Club 2 Unlimited will offer you a racing game on the go, with many options in cars and customization. There will also be a livery editor to give your cars, a more personal expression. This will be one of the more realistic racing games, available for Nintendo Switch owners.

Release date set for Q4 2018 on Nintendo Switch

Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 Remastered

asterix-obelix-2-remasterDid you ever play that Asterix and Obelix game on PlayStation 2, with that weird looking Mario, or that guy that kinda reminds you of Sonic? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, now is your chance to soon try it out. Since it will be getting a remastered version on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The game I’m talking about is, of course, Asterix and Obelix XXL 2. Well known for its spoofs of well-known characters from gaming history and historical persons with a twist. Set for release 29th, November 2018.

I got the chance to try it out and playing it again brought back memories.  It felt and looked like it did 12 years ago, but with obvious improvements in resolution and textures. It is the same action-adventure game that we played before, only sharper. Only this time it was easier, recognizing all the easter eggs and parodies this game contains. You switch between using Asterix and Obelix to perform different tasks but also using their fighting styles to take out enemies.

asterix-obelix-2-remaster ps2 cover.png
Original PlayStation 2 Cover

This will be a chance for those playing this when we were younger to revisit this classic and for those never having the chance of playing this to check out a piece of gaming history and parodies of gaming history ironically. Many might not even know of this game before since it was originally only released in Europe, but will now have a worldwide release.

That was unfortunately what I had time to try out, but it was at least fun.

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