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GC18 – The Surge 2

During Gamescom 2018 I got the chance to visit Focus Interactive, to hear Deck13 talk more about their upcoming sequel to The SurgeThey were quite excited to show us and talk about The Surge 2. If you don’t know what The Surge is, picture yourself a Dark Souls inspired game with robots. Where you decapitate specific parts of your enemies, to use them for upgrades on yourself. The first game took place in a huge and dangerous industrial facility named Crio. where you took control of a dude named Warren. He had to fight his way out to survive and relied heavily on stealing the limbs of the enemy so he could upgrade his gear.

They started to work on The Surge 2, just a few months after the first game. We are no longer in Crio, but in Jericho City. That has a more mixed urban environment, the city is under quarantine. From here they started to show us some gameplay, giving us a chance to see how the environments have changed. They focused on showing the freedom to the player, giving more options to how you want to play. They later said that they have doubled the number of weapons available, giving more types of weapons that have different characteristics.


The game looked pretty good when watching the gameplay, more variation in the environments. What we got to see was thick forest, with enemies lurking in trees and bushes. It even showed up a boss, that showcased how tactical you will have to be when fighting larger enemies. It really looks interesting and seems like they have been listening to the fans. We just have to wait, until it’s release next year.

The Surge 2 keeps what fans and critics loved about the original – hardcore combat utilizing a unique, dynamic limb targeting system and deep character progression – while also expanding greatly upon the formula. The Surge 2 takes place in a brand new environment: a sprawling, devastated city with larger and more ambitious level design, made possible by Deck13’s upgraded and improved engine. Combat is more brutal and tactical than ever, with even more options thanks to an expanded limb targeting system. In addition, more abilities, weapons, implants, and drones give players a vast arsenal to build their character with, in their fight against the array of diverse new enemies and bosses. – Deck13 Interactive

The Surge 2 will release on consoles and PC in 2019

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