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GC18 – Super Mario Party – Hands On

Super Mario Party launches for the Nintendo Switch 5,October 2018, and guess what, we got to try five of the minigames at Gamescom this year!

Chloe and I was escorted around the Nintendo booth to test some of the upcoming titles from Nintendo such as Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let’s Go and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you already have access to play Super Mario Party with two people on local multiplayer because of the original joy-cons that follows.

We tested all of the minigames with three people (Nintendo Represent was the third one) and with one AI, first up, rolling around on a log towards the finish line. I tilted my joy-con forward and tried to avoid grass that would slow me down and hit speeding boost pads, I might have fell off the bridge once, but hey I won that game.

I will say this at once, my highest position from the remaining four mini games was the second place. Next up was the one we had to run to the right from a bunch of enemies that would crush us, but that ain’t all, you do however need to manage to maneuver around a small maze as well.


Third game was a tricky one, but a fun new twist exploiting one of motion sensors in your joycon, flipping a square steak in a pan. The goal is to cook the steak on each side first, when one side is done a small rumble feature lets you know. It might sound easy, but it’s not!

Fourth minigame we tested was a cycling race where we had to quickly rotate the joy-con as fast as we could to pedal our bikes to the finish line.


The last minigame was a tricky one as well, a big square arena with huge rugby players trying to tackle us. As you might figure out, you must be the last one standing, three tackles on you and you’re out!

I found all of the minigames incredible fun to play, we tested playing with three people by using the Nintendo Switch screen, and that worked surprisingly well. (A bigger screen will of course increase the experience) But think of it, bringing your Switch to the cabin or let us just say “on the go”, a local game here is huge winner. The joy-cons felt smoothly and responsive on every mini game we tested at Gamescom, so I’m really looking forward to see what more Nintendo can bring to a Nintendo Switch version of the Mario Party series.  

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