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GC18 – The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep

There ain’t many gamers out there who knows about the Bard’s Tale serie, me amongst them.

So I had to do a little research before I went head on to my appointment with the team behind The Bard’s Tale IV at Gamescom this year. Figured out that the Bard’s Tales games go all the way back to DOS/Macintosh systems! and they truly gave an hard-hitting fantasy dungeon experience. I can assure you that The Bard’s Tale IV has changed a lot during the last three decades.

Bards tale iv 06

As always in an RPG game, you create your own main character. There you can choose between different archetypes, classes and diverse skill trees, you can however reset your decisions later on if you feel like you have scorched yourself.

After approx 10+hours creating your character, you’re going to explore the world of Skara Brae set one hundred years after the events of the original trilogy. This world like many other RPG games will offer you cities, shops, main quests, side quests and an epic narrative about race inequality in Skara Brae. Be sure to be on the lookout, overhearing a conversation on the street might lead you to hidden treasures.

Bards tale iv 07

To be honest, this title didn’t catch my interest at first, but after talking with the developers and seen the game run live in front of me, I must say that the interest gradually moves up.

The RPG element is there with an interesting lore added with touch of simple humour (that is pretty much my type of humour). Regular RPG exploring of the world, but the combat however might be a bit different from what you are used to. Think compilation of Hearthstone and Might & Magic, combat is a turn based strategy type (chess type net).

The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep will release on the PC 18th September and on console during 2019.

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