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Gears 5

Written by: Sunniva Stalsberg

Microsoft really delivered their news today, and as expected we got some more information on the new Gears 5 which will launch 10th of September 2019, and for those with Xbox ultimate pass they can start their adventure 4 whole days before.

players will get some chances to try the new game before release. As soon as in July the studio is launching a versus multiplayer test that includes a new competitive play called Arcade. And in the following month August 19, you can test Horde mode.

But during the conferance, the main focus was on the new Escape mode. showcasing its own trailer it was described as “an aggressive, high-stakes,three-player co-op mode featuring a suicide squad thet must work together to make it out alive.” If this sounds up your lane, Microsoft store have announced that they are hosting a dome of Escape mode over the few next days.

And as an extra treat for those that pre-order or play Gears 5 by spetember 16th will get a Treminator: Dark Fate character pack, which will add the Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton and Sarah Connor as playable characters in multiplayer.

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