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Golem Gates – Review


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Name: Golem Gates
Developer: Laser Guided Games, LLC
Publisher: Laser Guided Games, LLC
Released: 28.03.2018
Platforms: PC
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: * A copy of this game was provided from publisher for review purpose*

With this review I had to learn one thing, as a reviewer there will come times where you will have to review games in genres you never play. Golem Gates is one of those games, or I should say RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games. I personally never play those type of games, but this time I couldn’t skip out. So after countless hours trying to learn the genre, trying to understand what makes it good (or bad). I think i’m more or less ready to give a opinion.


Golem Gates is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, you play as the Harbinger. He has the ability to summon and control troops, coming from an age long forgotten. There is many Golem Gates scattered around the world, where various beings is spawned. An unknown force wants you to use your powers to cleanse the world from evil (although I think the “unknown force” sounds really evil). Except for the small intro you get in every mission, not much is shown story wise. It’s usually a small explanation of what you will be doing and why, there will be some moments with a small cutscene with a boss. But the focus in Golem Gates looks and feels like it’s in the online portion of the game. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, since Golem Gates offers pretty solid gameplay that was more enjoyable online then alone.



Golem Gates looks pretty good, its style is dark with bright colors. There’s a techno vibe mixed with medieval, mixing old and new. You got knights in armor, with weapons picked up from the Star Wars universe. There’s a unique setting to the whole game, and is also one of its strongest parts. It runs fluently and with beautiful details and effects.  8/10

Golem Gates Screen (4)


RTS games is well known for being a bit complex, especially for those of us that don’t play them often. There’s a lot to get in to, and with gameplay elements that is unique for every game. Golem Gates is mixing RTS with trading cards, and by the look and feel, it seems like they have aimed it for more casual players. You control the Harbinger – he is the Boss, Chief, General or El Jefe if you like. Glyphs is the energy gauge you will be using on your Glyphs card deck and you have to manage your Glyphs since the cards cost a different amount. Your gauge slowly fills up, and the more “soldiers” you have out in battle, the faster it replenishes.

Golem Gates Screen (2)

As you progress and win battles, you will get new cards as a reward. You can create and customize your deck as you like, and here is also some of the strategy in the game. Since a bad set of cards will make you lose, but if you have a great deck of cards you can be unbeatable. You will also have to have some luck, since the cards you draw is random. And when all your cards are used, you will have to shuffle the deck and that makes you unable to move for 15 seconds. So you will have to use your cards smart and efficiently. What types of card you have is varied, you have everything from big to small creatures with attack, defence and healing abilities. Then you have turrets, and massive attacks that can take out several enemies if used correctly. Golem Gates system was pretty okay to learn for a beginner like me, and the random factor the cards give made it easier for me to play against a more seasoned player, since he neither could control the outcome of his cards.

Golem Gates offers a good amount of modes for you to play in, some aimed to play alone and modes for those that want to play with or against others.
You have:

  • Campaign (Single)
  • Trials (Single)
  • Survival (Coop)
  • Vs (1v1 – 4v4)



Golem Gates controls is pretty much straight forward in RTS style, luckily this is the easiest part to learn in this game. You control everything with your mouse, and have some hotkeys you can use to perform actions faster. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master. You will learn the basics really early on, and there is not much you will have to remember since the basics cover it.


Replay Value

Golem Gates won’t be difficult to come back to, and pick up to play when you see fit. After you have completed all the single player content, and collected enough cards to fit many new decks of cards, you can jump over to the multiplayer and play against or with friends to test out your newly acquired cards. Every fight will play out differently, depending in what order you will get your cards, or if you have switched out your deck. This makes every battle fresh, and can even the odds or worsen it for you. Playing coop is a blast, when using our different cards to help each other out.


Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.


  • Story 7
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 9
  • Controls 9
  • Replay Value 9


Golem Gates was a new and scary experience, playing a genre I don’t have much experience in. However with a good tutorial and many missions in the campaign that showed me how to play and let me train on different strategies, made this a rather enjoyable experience, that might have opened my eyes a bit more for this genre. And with the Glyphs giving this a new twist, will give seasoned players something new and fresh to a genre that many gamers play and often feels is very similar.   

User Review
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  • Great gameplay
  • Beautiful artstyle
  • Many modes


  • A bit lacking in story

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