KINGDOM HEARTS III: 100 Acre Woods Confirmed!

The wait is almost over for KINGDOM HEARTS III, and with the highly anticipated game approaching its release, another world just made a comeback in this recent trailer.

The trailer shows Sora visiting his old friends in the 100 Acre Woods, as well as many other old and new faces. The gang from Twilight Town is returning, along with Pirates of the Caribbean. As for new faces, we have more footage from Tangled and Big Hero 6, as well as our first glimpse of someone you might recognize from the latest additions to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, itself. Who is this? Why, none other than Chirithy from KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [CROSS] and KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue!

“What matters is I’ll be here from now on.” –Sora

Source: Koch Media Press Email



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