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Dragon Ball Characters Reveal Their Ultimate Transformations in JUMP FORCE

BANDAI NAMCO’s upcoming title JUMP FORCE pits some of our most beloved Shonen Jump characters against each other, and in a recent Microsoft X018 presentation we got to see some Dragon Ball characters in more in-depth action.

Goku, Vegeta and Frieza are the confirmed characters from this shonen classic so far, and as is the course for many fighting games, these characters can go into ultimate forms as the fight progresses. Our two Saiyans will be able to reach Super Saiyan Blue, while the transforming villain can bring the pain in his Golden Frieza form!

These are just some of the 24 confirmed characters from the roster, which spans across 10 known and loved shonen series! Some noteworthy ones would be the titular character and Sasuke from Naruto, a total of 5 characters from One Piece and Yugi from many people’s childhood favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! The third of the Big Three Shonen Jump series, Bleach, is also featured along with series like Hunter X Hunter and Fist of the North Star.

Source: BANDAI NAMCO Press Release

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