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LEGO Worlds launches for Nintendo Switch

LEGO Worlds is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The physical version includes two DLC’s, the newly released Classic Space and the upcoming Monsters. The digital version will only include the base game, with DLC being purchasable in the eShop. Both DLC packs will be available for all other platforms too.

“We’re so pleased to be able to bring the fun and creativity of LEGO® Worlds to Nintendo Switch™,” said Jonathan Smith, Head of Production, TT Games. “The game looks fantastic, in both TV mode and handheld mode. Having the power not only to build whatever you want, but to play with it wherever you go, feels truly awesome!”

In LEGO Worlds players can embark on creative adventures, that range from simple fun to the fantastical. With vehicles such as submarines, motorcycles and planes, and creatures such as zombie cheerleaders and cavemen wielding water guns. Players are able to build their dream world either brick by brick or with pre-built structures, or by using powerful tools to terraform the environment to their liking.

LEGO Worlds is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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