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Mermaids?! Swimming with dolphins?! and the reveal of the new game pack! Hell yes!

The team behind The Sims 4 had a lot of news for The Sims 4 the upcoming months.
It’s 20 years in the making of The Sims this year and with that, a lot of new content will arrive to celebrate this. Such as a new expansion coming the 21st of June this year called Island Living!


In ‘Island Living’ you can both just visit the island or you can even manage the island by yourself. By managing the island you will notice changes in the ecosystem improving. By managing you can remove plastic from the beaches and water to give an example.

But that’s not all, of course, there will be a lot of new summer outfits, water sports, you can get sunburned, build sand castles, snorkeling and you can even play with dolphins and you can create a MERMAID!.

EA also announced a new game pack that will arrive this fall, but for now, they keep their cards pretty close, for now, the only thing they announced was the name and that it will arrive this fall and it’s a huge demand from the community to get this, the name of this game pack is; “Realm of Magic”!

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