The return of FIFA Street isn’t what you think it is

There isn’t a lot of new features and upgrades in FIFA 20 than a minor graphics update and Ultimate Team. As usual, there will be an even more realistic soccer ball handling physics and they’re adding a new system called ‘Authentic Game Flow’ which will provide a better “brain” of the AI. Another approach is the ‘Decisive Moments’, which will grant a better control of the soccer ball in situations that is more intense.


The biggest announcement from FIFA 20 is the all-new mode called ‘Volta Football’.
If you are old enough, you might recognize this as the good old fashion FIFA Street games we had on our PlayStation 2 console. Well, it’s sort of a comeback, just in another clothing. Volta will feature matches with both men and women in street matches in 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 on small arenas.

You can experience Volta in four different ways, you have ‘Quickplay’ in form of the ‘Kick off’ mode of course and the campaign mode named ‘World’, where you play against different teams in diverse formats and after each match, you win, you can recruit new members (same as before).

The story mode is history-driven singleplayer experience, which takes players around the world to challenge Street Football legends. The goal is to gain experience and get better so you can recruit new players and win the Volta World Cup.

Volta League is an online tournament for those who want to challenge other players.

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