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Metro Exodus – Review

Name: Metro Exodus
Developer: 4A Games
Publisher: Deep Silver
Released: 15.02.2019
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose

Бережёного Бог бережёт (God keeps those safe who keep themselves safe) is probably a good Russian saying when it comes to the experience I had with Metro Exodus. A game that doesn’t lend a hand. Not to Artyom, not to the gang, and certainly not to the player. Stop concentrating for a second, and boom, you’re dead. After countless deaths, I’ve finally played through the game and have been awake enough to write a review!


Metro Exodus starts out with Artyom being the “maniac” that claims he hears things on the radio. As in other voices. Obviously, this can’t be true, after all, the whole reason he and his pals are down in the metro is the world’s total annihilation after the war.

Then comes the day he has finally been waiting for, his wife has joined one of his outside adventures, and suddenly, a train arrives. A train when no one else but the one’s down underground is alive? Yes, wouldn’t you know it, Artyom’s been right all along!

As you can probably understand, I can’t go into too much about what happens, as this would be a major spoiler, but learning why you have been kept out of the world, what has happened while you were underground, and exploring the world around Moskvá is a story you wanna see for yourself!


Generally speaking, the graphics in Metro Exodus is definitely good looking. However, the faces look a bit weird and dead. Far from bad, of course, but it’s not as top notch as you might hope for. I also found the voice acting to be a bit sluggish, with everyone sounding very similar, and on top of that talking simultaneously.

The rest of the graphics in Metro Exodus is very well made though. The world, the guns, the sound design. It’s all high tier content. It must be mentioned that you need quite a powerful PC though, so it’s not the most low-spec friendly game out there. Personally, I found the sound design to be maybe the best part of the game. The soundtrack is great, but more importantly, the environmental sounds feel fitting and take the game further than just the visuals.


So, what is Metro Exodus gameplay wise? It’s not quite an FPS, it’s not quite a sneaking game – it’s a pretty 50/50 split between the two. Add in some long cutscenes with loads of story, and you get an idea of how it all comes together.

The shooting parts of the game work surprisingly well. The gunplay (is that what it’s called?) seems quite realistic to me, with different gun types to choose from, all with (dis)advantages. The sneaky parts also work rather well, although it’s a bit difficult to know what went wrong when you suddenly get discovered. There’s also the one issue I have with Metro Exodus. If you get discovered, suddenly everyone knows where you are, and never forget, even if you haven’t met anyone while on the move away, so usually I just have to sprint for the exit and hope for the best.


Because I played on PC, the controls could be adjusted however I wanted. Although I found the default settings to be a little confusing. For example, I found Z to be a weird button for toggling crouch, but since every button is remappable, this was no real issue. I also needed to adjust the sensitivity, as the default setting was way too slow for my liking. There is also the fact that there are numerous buttons to learn and the game might have benefited from a select wheel for throwables instead of pressing a button and then the RMB to aim before throwing. Generally, all of those are small details, and with a quick tuning, you should be all set to enjoy the controls yourself.

Replay Value

As with every story heavy game, the main story loses its edge once you’ve played through it the first time. Luckily, Metro Exodus offers lots of hidden items and thereby quite a lot of replay value. However, most of these items are first of all, quite easy to find. Secondly, they don’t really offer anything important – yeah there are some facts and stuff about what’s been going on while Artyom’s been down in the Metro, but I never felt any of the notes where important, and the few I didn’t pick up on the first go didn’t feel worth my time playing through the places again.

You can check out our review policy right here if you wonder how we set our scores.

  • Story 9
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 9
  • Replay Value 6


Kim was rather mad that he couldn’t review the game after trying it on Gamescom, and now I definitely understand why. I didn’t know what to expect, but whatever. Metro Exodus is a great game, and that’s pretty much it. Yes, the voicing could be better, and the replay value is pretty standard, but the story alone is worth the money it takes to buy this. All in all, if you like shooting and sneaking, you should definitely give this game a try.

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  • Great story
  • Good controls
  • Good gameplay


  • Some bugs
  • A bit stiff voice acting


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