We are a small group of people who love video games.    Our passion for video games is something we want to  share with you in our reviews and news articles on this  site. Ulvespill was founded in December 2015 and we  have been working hard to get where we are today.

How do we set a score on our reviews? 
When we review games, we’re always looking into a few topics. Graphics, gameplay, replay value and controls.
And we set a score between 1-10 on each of these topics, then the overall score is the average score between all of these topics.
For instance;

Graphics: 9/10
Replay Value: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Controls: 8/10 

Pros / Cons

1 – Unplayable (The developers should be banned from creating more games, wasting our precious time like that)
2 – Terrible (If you love self torture, be our guest)
3 – Bad (If you love the series, wait for rental or sale)
4 – Potential (We won’t recommend this, but the game got potential)
5 – Mediocre (Might want to wait for a sale, some will like this game and others won’t)
6 – Decent (There is something here you must experience, worth for fans of the series)
7 – Good (A great game, but something is missing, worth for fans of the genre )
8 – Great (Maybe not a must buy, but this is a game with high quality)
9 – Amazing (Almost everything is top notch, most likely a must have)
10 – Legendary! (close to perfection)


Name: Kim Hansen
Title: Founder – CEO – The Alfa Male
Lives in: Drammen, Norway
Contact: kim@ulvespill.no

*Genre: Adventure and First Person Shooter
*Platform: PlayStation
Been playing since age: 6


Name: Christian Skovlund
Title: Author – The stylist
Lives in: Bærum, Norway
Contact: christian@ulvespill.no

*Genre: Adventure and Exploration
*Platform: PlayStation
Been playing since age: 4


Name: Joakim Ulvær Jr
Title: Author – The “badass”
Lives in: Kongsberg, Norway
Contact: joakim@ulvespill.no

*Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Motorsport
*Platform: Xbox and PlayStation
Been playing since age: 5


Name: Åsmund Kløvstad
Title: Author – The Crazy One
Lives in: Tromsø, Norway
Contact: aasmund@ulvespill.no

*Genre: Puzzle, Indie
*Platform: PC
Been playing since age: 10


Name: Axel Aubert
Title: Author – The new puppy
Lives in: Halden, Norway
Contact: axel@ulvespill.no

*Genre: RPG, Adventure
*Platform: PC and Playstation
Been playing since age: 5