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New hardware from HP and Qpad showcased at Gamescom

I have to be honest here when it comes to presentations of hardware, and not only just one hardware, but multiple, I struggle to note down every single technical aspect of each product. Therefore, I decided to write a mash-up article from HP and Qpad, and try to forward some of the information I got to you.


There are two things that really impressed me at HP’s presentation of their Gamescom line-up. The first was their new coaching software, this software records your gameplay and compares it with other players and Esports athletes and brings you feedback on how to improve your gameplay. For now, this feature only works with League of Legends, but it is an interesting gimmick.

The second thing that impressed me, was one of the new gaming laptops with a second screen over your keyboard. By setting your game in borderless window mode, you can screenshot a part of your screen to create a “live feed, second screen” on your laptop. In this example, we screenshotted the minimap in Apex Legends and could watch the minimap on our second screen while playing.



Qpad is making a comeback!
I can’t remember every single new feature their new keyboard, mouse, and headset have. But the one thing that impressed me, and something that I believe will revolutionize gaming keyboards is the switch you can see on the top right on the keyboard in the image below. This switch has two different settings, one light mode, and mode “hard” mode. This switches between how resistant the keys on the keyboard is, think of it that you can switch between different playstyles, fast & slow. The other thing I remember from the Qpad Line-Up presentation is that the keyboards are now using optical switches instead of mechanical.

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