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This week at UsE #36

rocket league

The second match of ‘Telialigaen’ (Norwegian Rocket League series) was played by our very own Twilek, Meaty, and Majorberg in 1st Division against Maniax Gaming Club on Thursday 5th of September. Each match contains six matches were three players on each team basically plays football with cars.

Match Setup

Ulvespill Esport 
Twilek, Meaty, Majorberg (Major)

Maniax Gaming Club
Fiskebugga, xMartin96x,Topa592


Match 1: Ulvespill Esport 4-3 Maniax Gaming Club
Meaty 3:56″, Fiskebugga 3:53″, Meaty 3:07″, Twilek 2:00″, Fiskebugga 1:17″, Twilek 0:20″, Topa 0:05″

Meaty scores and brings UsE in the lead in the first match. 

Match 2: Ulvespill Esport 3-1 Maniax Gaming Club
Topa 4:04″, Major 3:28″, Major 2:48″, Meaty 2:09″

Match 3: Ulvespill Esport 2-0 Maniax Gaming Club
Twilek 2:31″, Meaty 0:13″

Match 4: Ulvespill Esport 3-1 Maniax Gaming Club
Twilek 4:36″, Major 3:10″, Fiskebugga 0:42″, Twilek 0:01″

Match 5: Ulvespill Esport 1-2 Maniax Gaming Club
Fiskebugga 3:10″, Meaty 2:21″, Topa 2:06″

Match 5: Ulvespill Esport 2-0 Maniax Gaming Club
Meaty 2:05″, Meaty 0:52″

End result
Ulvespill Esport 5-1 Maniax Gaming Club

You can watch the entire match in a replay at young_shonky at Twitch

Standings after match 2, Season 2 2019.

RL S2K2 Resultat Tabell


Hearthstone’s ‘Telialigaen’ doesn’t start before the 14th of October. Were our players will be competing in 3v3 Team League in 1st Division. So what do our players in the meantime? Practice, practice, practice.

Our team coach ‘Thugga’ held a theory session for our players, as well as arranged a practice match against Flowenz Esport, which ended in our favor (Won 3-2 out of five matches). Towards the start of ‘Telialigaen’, our players will focus on theoretical training, deck building, and even more practice matches.

Tekken 7 Front

Our Tekken coach Ivar reports that our Tekken players have positive progress when it comes to achieving the technical combo’s etc. For now, they train two days a week and hopefully they can get some points in the upcoming Tekken Dojo Tournament at The Hive this year.

Ivar streams regularly, so go check him out! 


UsE competes in 5th Division in ‘Telialigaen’. Last week, our team won the match by “Walkover” because the other team didn’t set up the server properly and wanted to cheat. The second match was supposed to be played tonight against “Mongo Squad”, but one of their players and none of their reserve could show up. So yet again, our CS:GO team won a match by “Walkover”.


  • Tryouts to join our League of Legends teams have begun (apply here) 
  • Tryouts to join our Counter-Strike GO team has begun (subs)
  • Baron joins our Apex roster, so UsE will join Leave as Legends next match.
  • Our Overwatch, PUBG, and Rocket League 2 teams leave UsE and joins DeK (Drammen Esport Klubb)
Kim Haug
Kim Haug
Eier og daglig leder av Ulvespill Interessen min for spill er så stor at jeg bestemte meg for å starte opp egen spillnettside, why not? Har skrevet spillnyheter og anmeldelser siden 2011

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