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Nidhogg 2 – Review

Name: Nidhogg 2
Developer: Messof Games

Publisher: Messof Games
Released: 15, August 2017
Platforms:  PlayStation 4, Mac and PC
Reviewed on: PC


The fast paced two-player dueling fighter is back with more levels to duel in and with new graphics. But with all of this, is it a improvement?


Messof Games made in 2013 one of the funniest two player party games and got praised for it’s simplicity but fun gameplay. What can you do to make a sequel fresh, but to keep it’s core gameplay. The beauty of Nidhogg was in its simplicity. Its minimalist style and two-button gameplay fed into what was a wonderfully streamlined and focused experience. Messof has attempted to expand the multiplayer fencing game with more maps, different weapon types, and a busier art style, with mixed results.



The biggest change in Nidhogg 2 is the graphics. With Nidhogg looking like a classic 8-bit Nes game, Nidhogg 2 looks like a early PlayStation game. It does look better with the improved backgrounds and better detailed levels.but that also makes some difficulties in the gameplay. With everything that is happening on screen with the backgrounds and levels it’s easy to get distracted with what is actually happening. It is harder to keep track on what your enemy do at all time which has made it difficult to not be killed sometimes.


At it’s core gameplay wise it hasn’t changed much, but new things has been added. The sequel introduces three new weapons: a thicker broadsword, which can be swung from either top or bottom to bat your opponent’s weapon away but leaves you vulnerable in the middle; a dagger, which has a much shorter reach but allows you to stab more quickly; and the long-range bow. Arrows can only be fired in the middle or bottom and can be hit back in your direction, but they’re by far the longest ranged weapons in the game that don’t leave you defenceless afterward. New weapons is a good way to add depth and makes is more refreshing, but when you die you get no warning what weapon you will spawn with next means that you’re often left frustrated that your attempted swipe of a sword failed because you happened to reappear holding a bow instead. arrows take too long to fire, meaning a quick opponent can easily gain the upper hand. Even if they don’t, arrows are pretty easy to dodge, and you’ll be too busy hammering the Square / X button out of frustration to take advantage.

Nidhogg 2 becomes a sport: even onlookers get swept up in the tug of war the game evolves into, and you’ll cheer or cry more in each swing of momentum than most video games manage to muster in a whole campaign. This is a game that is made for couch play it’s a local multiplayer competitive at it’s best. Just remember to warn your neighbors before having a Nidhogg party, because it will be screaming and laughter.

If you don’t like to play with someone in the same room, there is also online mode 1v1 and tournament mode. It doesn’t give the same excitement as local play  but it’s still fun.



Nidhogg 2 is a great party game, that is easy to pick up and play. Even with it’s flaws it is a great game that can give many hours with fun. And even though the new content is a hit or miss it’s the same game at it’s core





  • +Intuitive, easy controls make it perfect for new players to pick up and play.
  • +Exhilarating when it goes right, and hilarious when it goes wrong.
  • +An excellent party game.
  • -New weapons are unbalanced and detract from the original game’s simplicity.
  • -Updated art style makes it harder to immediately see the action.



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