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Skylanders Academy – Season One Review

Okay lets just say this at once, yes I’m a 24 year old man who is about to review a TV show for kids. But I can’t help that the Skylanders games is actually fun to play, especially with your kids.

But before we head out to the review of the TV show of Skylanders, you might wonder what the heck this is?


What is Skylanders?

The year is 2011, and Activision introduced us to Skylanders. A toys-to-life experience. You’re placing a character on a small platform connected to your console called “Portal of Power” and then the character becomes alive on your television as a playable character. (Yes this is kind of a nightmare for parents, as there is a lot of characters to buy in the store) And from 2011 to this day they keep on bringing us new stories and characters to this universe, and the kids love it. Who didn’t as a kid favour a tv show or comic book in their childhood? (Pokemon for me)


“But what does this have to with a TV show if this is a video game?”

Well, in October 2016. Activision Blizzard and Netflix released a kids TV Show as a Netflix Original, and called it Skylanders Academy. Basically just keep on feeding kids with more stories and characters to meet in this universe, but is this bad thing?

Lets try to go into detail on what Skylanders Academy is, give it a score and suggestion on “age limits”.




We’re following the story of a few friends who are about to join the Skylands team to become a “Skylander” and keep their homeland safe from evil. Spyro the dragon (Justin Long), Stealth Elf (Ashley Tisdale) and Eruptor (Jonathan Banks). Kaos (Richard Steven Horvitz) and his humble slave Glumshanks (Norm MacDonald) keep on trying to destroy the Skylanders and take over the power of the universe.


Very basic story setting in general, but it does work with its humoristic sense of humor. As an adult I found the character Glumshanks very funny, with his perfectly delivered one-liners and discussions with his anxiety medication.



Visually the graphics and animations are pretty good. Fighting sequences are packed with explosions and fire, just remarkable to watch. The graphics are not “painful” to watch, by that I mean the design, animations and layout aren’t “old school” nor too “modern” either. I can relax while watching this and not feel stressed and annoyed.


Small teaser from an episode in Skylanders Academy, we see Glumshanks and Kaos having a small discussion.


Is the show any good to watch in general?
Impressive voice casting and one-liners, very nice animations, intriguing but basic storyline.

Both kids and adults who are and are not familiar with Skylanders will enjoy this series, maybe not all but small portions of it if you are very sceptic, or maybe just not childish enough.



As with many TV Shows directed for kids,  there will always be questions, morals and other stuff that could affect your kid somehow. Skylanders Academy are not any different with this, so what does this show try to teach kids, and how would this affect kids? These questions are few pointers to bring up with your kids before / after watching Skylanders Academy:

*Can a person be a hero if the person isn’t likeable? How can you balance between good and bad qualities?

*Would you say Spyro is a good leader for his team? How would the team work if everyone acted like him?

*Is the bad guys scary? (How does this compare with fear in real life?)


*Language (Sometimes name calling like “Jerk” and “Stupid”)



Skylanders Academy is a must-see for fans of the series, newcomers might be hooked on the series and starts with the video games right after. (Might just be the point of this)

The show might be confusing sometimes for newcomers, but you won’t miss any crucial plots in the story. But the show does not lack for comedy, action and the struggle between good and evil and of course a lot of magic. When it comes to the moral part and understanding of the story and more,I would say that this series fits with children from age 6 and up.
(Between 6 and 8 I would recommend a parent watching a long)


+ Good for fanbase
+ Humoristic for both children and adults
+ Not over the top on animations / visuals
– Basic storyline
– A little confusing for newcomers


Small facts:
* Season two will arrive late in 2017.
* Season one includes 12 episodes, approx. 25 minutes long (except first episode approx. 45 min)

  • 1. Skylanders Unite
  • 2. My way or the Sky Way
  • 3. Missing Links
  • 4. Dream Girls
  • 5. The Hole Truth
  • 6. Space Invaders
  • 7. Anger Mismanagement
  • 8. Pop Rocks
  • 9. Beard Science
  • 10. The Skylands are falling  
  • 11. Crash Landing
  • 12. Assault on Skylander Academy


(Skylanders Academy Trailer)


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