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Nintendo Reveals New Toys for the Switch

Yesterday, the 17th of January, Nintendo revealed their next big project and it’s turning some heads. Well, the reddit thread is mostly people wondering how the hell it works, but that’s basically turning heads, right?

“Nintendo Labo” appears to be a sort of science kit aimed mostly at children. Using cardboard, stickers, rubber bands and strings along with the functionality of the joy-cons to do all sorts of do-it-yourself games. Among the projects featured in the reveal trailer are a piano, a fishing rod and a tiny motorbike. Oh and the kits are called “toy-cons”. Very cute.

Among the more interesting things is what appears to be a drag and drop programming environment (bottom right) that will allow players to “Dream up new ways to use your Toy-Con creations…and bring them to life.” I am very excited to see what inventive and creative projects can come out of this, as it seems most anything can be made with a joy-con or two and some cardboard.

The kits will launch on the 20th of March, presumably world wide. Oh, and if you happen to be from San Francisco or New York and have kids you can try it out early.

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