Monday, January 17, 2022
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Norwegian Indie World to the West Releases on Switch

World to the West is officially out on the Nintendo Switch. The Norwegian indie game, developed by Rain Games, was announced to be coming to the platform back in November and released in the EU and US today.

World to the West is the sequel to Rain Games‘ previous game Teslagrad, released in 2013 (and also out on the Switch), and is a top-down action-adventure game slash metroidvania set in the same universe as its predecessor. Mechanically, though, it is very different, as Teslagrad was a 2D puzzle platformer.

Rain Games is one of the few Norwegian games studios (along with Krillbite (Among the Sleep) and D-pad (Owlboy)) that have truly risen to international fame and a Switch release truly cements that (even if its technically their second one). The studio is based in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, where they’ve had their base for almost a decade.


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