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One Piece: Grand Cruise – Review

Name: One Piece: Grand Cruise
Developer: Bandai Namco
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Released: 22.05.2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4 VR
Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 VR
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided from publisher for review purpose

One Piece Grand Cruise is a Virtual-Reality (VR) game, set in the One Piece universe. You will be apart of the crew, fighting and defending the ship under the leadership of Monkey. D. Luffy


You are playing as a new recruit on the Straw Hat Pirates ship, where you will be interacting with different characters from the series. There are some dialog options, but how much the outcome changes aren’t that big. All dialog is in Japanese, with english subtitles that is popping up on screen. You will choose where you  want to spend time on the ship, and will speak a few words with the different characters before the battle begin.
There aren’t much story to get from this game, and unless you have watched the series you won’t know anything about the persons you meet. So I think this is more of an experience for the fan, rather then the player that never have watched One Piece.

But at least there is two pairs of VR boobs to look at, and that is something.


Grand Cruiser looks actually pretty good, with great details in the characters. Vibrant colors and backgrounds, that immerse you into this world. But one problem that many VR games suffers from, his how it all feels on your eyes. And Grand Cruiser can be a bit irritating on the eyes, with all the flashing and special effects that occurs occasionally. When I was done playing, my eyes started to really hurt and felt irritated some time after.


In Grand Cruiser you control a cannon with your dualshock controller, moving it around by moving the controller.
There are two modes to play.

  • Repel The Kraken: a battle against a huge monster known as Kraken, where we all have to cooperate to make sure he doesn’t sink our ship. You will have to shoot his tentacles and body before he has the chance to attack.
  • Sea Battle Against the Navy:  ship is being attacked by the navy, and the crew is splitting each other up to two teams. and competing about who will hit the most. Navy will shoot barrels, cannonballs and weights against you and will have to shoot them before they hit. The team that hits the most wins.

It works fine using a controller to sight the cannon, and you only press X to shoot. But gameplay wise it felt kinda boring. I tried to shoot as accurate as possible, but it took to long time to sight and shoots. So often I just pressed X like a maniac and that worked fine, but it got repetitive pretty fast. So after playing both modes I felt pretty done.



As mentioned earlier, controlling the canon works fine. And when navigating the menus and choosing actions you just look in the direction and press X. it’s pretty straight forward, but at some moments when looking at an option (Which you will have to look in 5 seconds to confirm.) it got disrupted and started over 2-3 times which was a bit annoying at moments.


Replay Value

After playing through the two modes, I felt pretty done with the whole game. There is a few more option to explore and talk with others, but as one that never watched the show I felt there wasn’t much to get out from it. But it is a short experience, playing through took me about 20 minutes.

Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

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  • Story 5
  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 7
  • Replay Value 5


One Piece Grand Cruiser is a good idea for a VR game, but not everything works as good as it could. It’s a bit short with not much variation in gameplay, and could have done so much better. (I thought at one moment I would get a chance to be in a sword fight.)

It works as a tech demo for PSVR for those that haven’t tried it before, but not for those that wants something new to play. One Piece I think is someone that will get the most out of this game.

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  • Great Looking
  • Good Controls
  • Good for showing what PSVR can do


  • A bit short
  • Not much story
  • Little variation in gameplay

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