Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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PGW 17 – Spelunky 2

Header image from trailer

The procedurally generated cave exploration of Spelunky returns with a new main character in Spelunky 2.

Almost a decade after the original release of Spelunky in 2008, developer Derek Yu of Mossmouth Games returns with Spelunky 2. The sequel to the critically acclaimed roguelike was announced with a reveal trailer at Sony’s Playstation Showcase at Paris Games Week today. Obviously it was first announced for the PS4, but Derek Yu has since confirmed that it will be coming to steam as well on his twitter.

The trailer does not reveal much about the gameplay of Spelunky 2, but it does reveal one important fact: the main character appears to be the child of Spelunky’s protagonist. There is also cameo appearances of various characters from the first game as well as the infamous eggplant.

Otherwise, not much is known and a release date has not been specified beyond the game being “currently in development.”



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