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PSX: More Trailers and Announcements

Let’s be honest, PSX was a bit of a let-down for anyone expecting big news. There were some VR announcements and a lot of talk about things we already knew. There’s a new God of War game coming up, Hideo Kojima is working on something weird and Detroit: Become Human is looks fantastic while handling its themes poorly.

There were a few interesting announcements though, so lets have a look at them

Dreams was first revealed at Playstation Meeting in 2013. The game is being developed by the folks behind LittleBigPlanet and appears to be even more ambitious than its predecessor. The goal of Dreams appears to be like those of a really good dream – where anything is possible and you can shape it the way you want. The project has been in development for a long time but PSX gave us an important update: the four digits “2018”. The new trailer ends with the words “coming 2018” which is pretty close to a release date!

Next up, Donut County appears to be a cute little indie game about being a hole – whatever that means. The trailer released at PSX also marks the announcement of Donut County for the PS4. There also appear to be raccoons, and maybe donuts? I’m not quite sure.

Finally, Jupiter and Mars was announced with a beautiful trailer. A game about two dolphins exploring a post-apocalyptic world in the far future sure seems intriguing, but there is not a lot of information to go on. Jupiter and Mars will also come with a VR mode, but there is no release date yet.

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