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PSX: Three New VR Experiences Announced

The Playstation Experience (PSX) 2017 kicked off this morning at 0500 CET with an early focus on new VR experiences. Three games specific to PSVR were announced, and more with at least some VR elements.

First out the gate was Firewall Zero HourFirewall is a tactical, team based multiplayer shooter developed by First Contact Entertainment – a VR-focused studio who has previously released ROM: ExtractionFirewall appears to be a 4v4 tactical game where one team plays the defense while the other attacks. The debut was accompanied by gameplay footage which you can see here:

Next up, our favorite uncooperative gaming pet: Trico is coming to PSVR! The Last Guardian VR Experience will be available next week, more specifically on the 12th of December, to all PSVR owners free of charge. The experience is a short 20-25 minute game that will allow the player to solve puzzles alongside, get familiar with and hopefully pet Trico in VR. The reveal can be seen in the video below:

Finally, some high-speed futuristic racing is due for virtual reality. As a free update for owners of the Wipeout Omega Collection – a 2016 release that contains parts of Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048 – will receive the ability to race in VR. Playstation later released this short gameplay video on twitter:

It certainly appears that Sony is very confident in their virtual reality product and will likely continue to push for more and better VR experiences.

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