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Retrospillmessen 2017 – Liquid State

Packs a Punch!

Some of us members from Ulvespill attended to “Retrospillmessen 2017” in Sandefjord, Norway this weekend to check out what it had to offer. In the opposite side of the hall we found a small stand with a representative from Vertebrae Entertainment that showcased their project Liquid State. Liquid State is modern take on the side scrolling Beat em-up genre. We took some time to test it, and to ask Åge about their project and what their plans for the future is.


Here is a small peak of the game


Vertebrae Entertainment is a small studio that was created in a school project on Sunnhordland Folkehøgskole. Where they have had a chance to go all inn to create and develope, the game is programmed by Åge and Daniel and artwork is made by Hauk.


As said we had a chance to test Liquid State

And the game felt good, you feel every punch and kick combined that with the oil powers Ripley have and you get the recipe for kick ass fun. They only showcased a small demo, but I must say I’m impressed of what they have accomplished to be developed by only three students.


As of today they are not sure about a release date, they are trying to get it published on Steam. But since their semester of school is over they’re not certain about further development and updates.


If you think this sounds interesting and want to keep being updated on the development you can visit their homepage Vertebrae Entertainment


And we wish them good luck in the future.


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