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Zombies Chronicles – Review

Is Zombies Chronicles worth playing again?

Name: Zombies Chronicles (DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3)
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Released: 16, May PlayStation 4 (Xbox One & PC TBA)

It all began back in Call of Duty: World at War as an easter egg after you finished the campaign mode. And from that it has exploded with major popularity within the community, and new maps after maps has been added.

But now, nine years later have Treyarch re-released some of the old maps in form of an remastered bundle edition for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Eighth of the most popular zombie maps has gone through a detailed upgraded look visually, perk machines added, gumball machines and much more has been added to the old maps that is “normal” in today’s maps. But is this add-on for Black Ops 3 worth your time and money?


The Maps

Nacht der Untoten

Originally released in World at War, an abandoned airfield plagued with infinite hordes of the undead.



Originally released in World at War, a German asylum called Wittenau Sanitorium. Explore the mysterious corridors  with dark secrets.


Shi No Numa

Originally released in World at War, a swamp located in Japanese territory and with the introduction of hellhounds.





Originally released in Black Ops, an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome with undead experiments running around. Do not forget to catch those monkeys!


Shangri La

Originally released in Black Ops. A labyrinth of underground caverns, filled with deadly traps, dark secrets and of course an infinite horde of the undead.


Originally released in Black Ops, hordes of floating undead? No thanks.


Kino Der Toten

Originally released in Black Ops, crawler zombies and deadly traps occurs in this abandoned cinema.

Originally released in Black Ops 2. The greatest evil the world has seen has been released.


Graphics + Gameplay

The graphics in video games has been changed drastically. More realistic, better animations and so on. But for almost a decade ago when Nacht der Untoten was revealed to us as an easter egg, my mind was blown away. Dark, scary setting humbled the room, and suddenly a detailed german soldier with red eyes approached. It wanted my brain!

I loved, and still do the “old” graphics of these maps, including the weapons we can use in each map. The decision of adding all the new futuristic weapons from Black Ops 3, and removing the old weapons (some of the old weapons is available, but just in a “Black Ops 3” version) isn’t something that I’m fond of. Some of the maps has been “upgraded” to more futuristic setting, that is a shame though. But i another hand, Treyarch has done a very good job upgrading the maps. Visuals, colours, sounds and much more has had its special touch from the developers, and they do not disappoint on that front.

Some of the familiar bugs that we (I know you did) exploited in the original version are now gone. But easter eggs, how to start the rock themed music and so on is still there. This map pack bundle of old zombie maps might be an excellent option for newcomers to play. As they can learn and play the backgrounds story of todays maps and story hands on.


Zombies Chronicles do deliver a detailed remastered maps from the old days. Newcomers will have their chance of playing and learning the backstory. But the gameplay itself for the hardcore gamers who has played the maps a lot from before might have a little struggle. Some people might enjoy that they have changed the weapon lot to Black Ops 3 weapons, and some might not enjoy it at all. Me personally do enjoy playing these maps again with “modern” zombie settings. But I do prefer playing the maps in the original version on the PlayStation 3.

User Review
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  • Visual upgrade
  • Sound Upgrade


  • Weapon lot
  • “Futuristic upgrade”
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