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Satoru Iwata lives on in the Nintendo Switch

He was one of the most loved persons in the video game industry; Satoru Iwata, the programmer who worked his way through the ranks to become president of Nintendo, until he passed away in 2015. Now it seems like his spirit lives on through an Easter egg hidden in the Nintendo Switch.

Satoru Iwata
Satoru Iwata – Direct to you

Over the weekend, several people in the Switch hacking scene dug through some “suspicious” code, and reportedly found a way to unlock a NES-emulator hidden deep inside the Switch. The emulator itself is called Flog and is seemingly tied to two things; the date 11th of July – the date Mr. Iwata passed away. And a special Joy-Con gesture that looks a lot like the “direct to you”-motion, which Mr. Iwata famously performed during many of the Nintendo Direct presentations.

Now, the name of the emulator, Flog. If you reverse that you will end up with the word “golf”. And in 1984, Mr. Iwata programmed a game for the NES with that exact name. To make the Easter egg work however, you will need either a brand new Switch – which has never been connected to the internet, as this won’t allow you to set the date to 11th of July. Or you can wait until the actual 11th of July to come around.

Nintendo is yet to confirm or deny these rumours. However there is quite a few videos of the Easter egg out on YouTube already, which all seem quite genuine. And it would be a very cool Easter egg indeed. So here’s to hoping it is real!


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