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Vampyr @ Gamescom 2017

Vampyr @ Gamescom

“DONTNOD will suck your blood”

We got the chance to take a look at DONTNOD Entertainment’s next big project; Vampyr. And from what I’ve could see, DONTNOD will suck your blood if they get the chance so they can improve their skill tree. Let me tell you what I mean about that;


Vampyr is an action-RPG game developed by the people behind “Remember Me” and “Life is Strange” by using the Unreal Engine 4.

The setting is set in early 20th-century Britain with a lethal Spanish flu in streets. But the streets are not just filled with disease, it’s also packed with violence and fear as well, and of course vampires. The presentation was packed with “Alpha Gameplay” and few details of different aspects of the game, such as the skill tree and how your actions conflicts with the storylines of the people in the city among others. You play as recently turned doctor, and that might give a few moral questions of your actions sometimes.

What really got my interest is the choices you have to make during your playthrough and how your choices matter. Since you’re a vampyr you’ll need blood, and you also need blood to improve your abilities and buy new skills from the skill tree. How do you acquire blood? Well by sucking it out of people, but who do you choose to kill? A murderer with low blood health and little experience for you, or the nice lady who just wants to keep her son out of jail but she got that sweet healthy clean blood with loads of experience for you?

Who you choose to kill will matter to the society and storylines of different kinds of characters in the game.


Vampyr releases in November 2017 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC



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