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Season 3 content for Tekken 7 confirmed

While the news about us hosting an official Tekken 7 Tournament might be exciting, what is also really exciting is that there might be even more characters to use around the same time. Evo 2019 was held last weekend with competitors all around the world fighting against each other in some of the best fighting games gaming has to offer. During the weekend it was confirmed that Tekken 7 will get a season 3 with content and new characters or rather old in both terms of the word.

Kicking off with the return of Zafina, the gatekeeper that kept Azazel away from the world in Tekken 6. But also a new and original character named Leroy Smith. Not much has been revealed about him yet. But from the trailer, it looks like he can kick some serious ass.


Zafina will arrive in September and Leroy Smith hopefully before winter 2019 so maybe they both will be available during our tournament in November.

Tekken season 3e

But that is not all.
Two more characters and a new mode has been confirmed to be released during 2020 with more items and so on to follow. It looks like there is even more for Tekken fans to enjoy for at least another year.

Source: Bandai Namco

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