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Season two of Leave as Legends is approaching!

Apex is still going strong with it’s second season and Ranked have been implemented. As if that’s not enough, the Norwegian tournament Leave as Legends is back at it with season two. Made by the community called Leave as Group, the tournament is for everyone who would like to join and compete. We’ve sat down with Co-Founder Kenneth “Niceleedone” Lee U. and board member Niclaes “Slettern” Norstad at Leave As Group.

First of all, let’s get to know a bit more about these lovely people. 

First up, Co-founder Kenneth is a 30 year old gamer and Twitch streamer from Klepp who goes under the name Niceleedone online. He’s been actively streaming since October 2018, off and on as he’s home for four weeks, before going to work for the next two, but as is life when you’re workplace is offshore. His team won last season of Leave as Legends, and this year he’s going back to back, although with a new team.

Board member Niclaes is a 32 year old gamer and Twitch streamer from Oslo. Online he goes by the name of Slettern. He started streaming actively in November 2018 and joined Leave as Group early December. When he’s online he focuses on FPS games and Just Chatting on Twitch. He’s also the day to day manager at Babel, a bar in Oslo. He’s not yet sure whether or not he’s going to play himself this season, but if he’s not, he will join the tournament as a caster.

Leave as Group itself is a non-profit gaming and streaming community focusing on the social aspects both online and offline with likeminded people. If you’d like to join, keep in mind that these aspects count more than your insane skills inside a game. Leave as Group got founded 10th of June 2016 and if you’d like to know more about the community and what they’re really about, you can check them out here 

Now, let’s not forget, we’re all here to find out what Leave as Legends really is. According to Niceleedone’s knowledge, it’s the only Norwegian tournament in Apex Legends. The league will have one league day each month, where you gather up the points you need to be able to join in the playoffs. Each league day will have a monthly winner, all culminating into the playoffs at the end of the season. The league itself, as well as Leave as Group itself, is a non-profit event they have made at their own initiative. 

When Apex came out, it entered the community like a storm. Some tested it and figured it was good, and the rest, through looking at streams and whatnot joined not long after. Approximately 80% of the community where playing Apex a few days after the games release. Leave as Legends sprung up as an idea from this as members wanted something a bit more organized than the “jump in, jump out Deathmatch” that Apex could turn out to be, playing with random players. It was also a good way to reach out on Twitch and the Norwegian E-sport arena by having a tournament. Leave as Legends is a tournament for everyone who wants to play, not only members of Leave as Group. Sign in to gamer.no and submit your team of yourself and a couple friends, and follow the rules you can find at Leave as Legends home page, and you’ll be able to compete against the other teams.

The tournament itself will be streamed live from LeaveAsGroup’s twitch channel with their own casters. There will be at least one main caster each stream as well as one guest caster who may play in the tournament as well. The main caster will however not play, but watch every other team and get the highlights when possible. Every subscription on that twitch channel will go towards the prizes at the end of the season. Each tournament day will last 3 to 6 hours depending on the time schedule of the casters. The captain of each team joins a discord channel along with the caster before each round and waits for a countdown before the round begins. This was tested during the first season and by starting each round simultaneously, more teams ended up on the same server, which ended up being more entertaining. One of the last rounds of season one, teams playing in the tournament ended up being the four last teams on a server, leaving one victorious. If Apex releases custom server options, this may change. This year the main prize will be a Glorious O gaming mouse for each member of the season winners. Each tournament day will also bring out prizes, but these have not been released as of yet.

Last season the tournament started out with five teams, but after five tournament days the roster had reached twelve teams. Lee and the wingmans ended up with the season win after five tournament days. This year there has been a few changes in the way you earn points, including awarding teams for aggressive play. The tournament is made by streamers, but it’s not necessarily for streamers. There were many viewers during season one and a more aggressive gameplay looks better on-stream and it’s more fun to play as well. Last season you only got points for winning your game. Now you get one point for 10 kills total among your team, Mozambique kill and dealing a fist kill. First blood (First kill of the match) will give out two points, 2-5th place will give you four points, while winning the game will give you eight. As each round will be played on official servers, there may be a basis for restarting a round if any team encounter server based issues. Issues that happen client side will not negate in a round restart however.

Another change this season is the registering of teams. Last season you joined the LeaveAsGroup stream and registered for the evening, through the chat. This year there’s an easier overview of the teams as they all have to register to gamer.no.

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