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So, apparently Conan Chop Chop is real.

Funcom entered the stage of the PC Gaming Show on E3 with a smile, all so they could announce that their April Fool’s Day joke was actually real! 

Together with the Australian Developers at Mighty Kingdom, They where proud to present Conan Chop Chop, which will be the most realistic stick figure game ever to feature Conan the Barbarian.

The game will support up to 4 players couch co-op and is set in Hyboria, the world created by the author Robert E. Howard more than 80 years ago.

You will be tasked with destroying the plans of the evil wizard Thoth-Amon, who plans to resurrect the even worse wizard Xaltotun. If he succeeds, the world will be condemned to an eternity of darkness and enslavement. By using all your skills, you and you alone might stop him.


  • 4 player couch co-op
  • Play as Conan, Pallantides, Valeria or Bêlit, all known heroes in the Conan universe
  • Explore the desert of Koth, Darkwood, Hyperborea and Vanaheim, each with their own deadly dungeon.
  • Plenty of loot.
  • there will be flashing fighting combos as you progress within the game
  • bosses like a ginant gorilla in a cape, with deadly boss moves such as Lava Reflux, Tail Whip and Loogie Glob.
  • With randomly generated maps, tons of weapons and abilities every game will be a new experience. The game is superdeadly, but you will get to unlock new weapons for your next playthrough.

You can find more news from our E3 coverage right here. 

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