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Hitler’s horde of undead returns once again!

A few months back, we at Ulvespill did a playthrough of every single title of the Zombie Army trilogy on stream at our Twitch channel. And I shit you not! we did not see this one coming, and we’re stoked!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is set in the year 1946. Europe lies in ruins because of “Plan Z”. Our familiar group who’s defeated Hitler’s undead before, goes up against the nazi zombies once again. Face the undead either in singleplayer or with up to three friends.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War will feature: 
– Campaign mode for 1-4 players
– Epic weaponry, skills & enhancements
– Huge new levels across Italy & beyond
– Gorge on the gory X-ray kill cam
– Deep progression and customization
And with even more, to come!

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You can find more news from our E3 coverage right here. 



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