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HjemConsSouth Park: Phone Destroyer @ Gamescom 2017

South Park: Phone Destroyer @ Gamescom 2017


South Park Phone Destroyer has been available for people who pre-registered on iOS or Android. You still got the chance to pre-register and get your hands on the game before a commercial release and be a part of the developing process by giving feedback.



Phone Destroyer is a free to play game where you can collect different kinds of cards set in the South Park universe. You can play a story mode or go online and play against other players (PvP) with the decks you create.
But if the game has been out for a little time, why showcasing now?
Well there is a few new features coming to Phone Destroyer that was announced at Gamescom.
Such as more customisation for the new kid (you), teams and events.


Create or join a team with friends. Be the ultimate PvP team!
At your team wall, you can request or donate cards with each other if you or others are missing some cards.



Throughout the seasons while the TV Show is running, different events will occur in Phone Destroyer. The best part is that each event will be synced with the episodes. So gear up, upgrade your cards and get those rewards!
(You actually need a lot of anal probes to get the rewards)



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