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Anno 1800 @ Gamescom 2017

A new title from Ubisoft was announced

Ubisoft and the studio Blue Bytes announced a new title during Gamescom 2017; Anno 1800.

The release is set during winter 2018 for now, but one of the developers explained at the presentation why they announced the game so early. (We’ll get back to that)



We didn’t get a lot of details as the game is in early stages. But we do know that the game is set during the Victorian era – 19th century. Anno 1800 will also include old features that made the series great, and we should expect industrial revolution and age of imperialism.

These are just a few of the topics that will be included;
– Discovery
– Trading
– Diplomacy
– Multiplayer
– Campaign
– Sandbox mode
– AI opponents
– Random maps
– Trading routes
We even got to take a sneak peek at the gameplay from Anno 1800. At first a ship entered the docks, in it was a few exotic animals that was captured on their journey. And you as a newly manager of this city have built a new Zoo, but sadly it isn’t so popular for medium to high class population. Because seagulls and pigs aren’t that interesting to look at a Zoo.

So you’ll put the newly income of animals in the warehouse and starting to upgrade your zoo to receive some new exotic animals. But as you upgrading and putting new animals into your zoo, all the workers that had build your zoo is on a strike because you pushed them too hard with low payment. And if you ignore them, as he did during the presentation a riot emerge as the strike evolved into the higher classes. How you handle the riot is totally up to you, and by using the riot team from the police station might not be an good option it surely was fun to look at.

This means that every action you take in Anno 1800 will give the AI something to react to, even if it is positive or negative.

Why announce the game so early?

So why did Ubisoft and Blue Byte announce the game so early?
Well that’s because they want to develop the game alongside their fans.
You can get the earlier by joining the Anno Union program, there you can give feedback prior release, communicate with the developers and so on to improve their upcoming Anno title.

You can enter here; anno-union.com



Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.


Kim Haug
Kim Haug
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