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Sparklite – Review

Name: Sparklite
Red Blue Games
Maple Whispering CO, Merge Games
Released: 2019
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: A copy of this game was provided by a publisher for review purpose

Just by looking at the game-cover I felt like going deep into Zelda again. And yeah I really love that type of game. ill I like the game?


In Sparklite, you take on the role of Ada, a young woman whose airship has been destroyed over the lands of Geodia. The game is all about Ada as she tries to defeat the Baron, an evil overlord who is attempting to completely disrupt the land.
The journey begins in the village Vinelands, an area filled with weaker enemies optimal for farming.
Then you will get to Geodia, which reveals a completely different landscape, one that has been reshaped by fractures since players were defeated.
In this way, each time players return to Geodia they are better-equipped thanks to the enhancements made between runs, and the titular Sparklite they’ve gathered. Sparklite is a currency, and it’s used for everything, from purchasing new patches at the hub’s medical center to upgrading. It’s worth returning to Geodia to fix up your gear. The enemies get stronger further out in the story. The story is really good, but it feels like it could have made it even better.


The graphics are good to be a 2D game, and the sound effects really help the game itself.
The graphics details are on spot and i can’t really say anything bad about it. The game runs smooth and not any big fps drops or anything like that.


The game gives you a lot of Zelda feelings and that’s a good thing. The game itself is really like Zelda, the same system on the heart and the figure itself. The game is easy to understand and you will get the hang on it quick. To me, it gets too much like Zelda and I don’t feel the game has come up with something special, however, the game is good cuz if you like this type of game. You farm against weaker enemies to get stronger so that the type of battle system.

I really enjoy the game-feeling with the story, soundtrack, graphics all together with gameplay makes the game much more fun to play. Still, a lot that could have been better and not to like Zelda.



The controls are really easy to understand. You moving around with the most used buttons and the mouse to do attacks. I don’t find any big issues with the controls

Replay Value

You will have to farm a lot and fight the enemies. Its random map generator on the way and I don’t see any way to make you wanna play it more after completing the game. There is no side missions or anything

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  • Story 7
  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 7
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 2


Sparklite is a rogue-lite adventure title, that makes you feel like you are back into a Zelda game. If you are a Zelda fan, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the game.
For me the game is great and I will recommend it!



  • Charming visuals and a heavy Zelda aesthetic
  • Soundtrack is incredible
  • The main town is inviting, and a joy to explore


  • Difficulty spikes make certain bosses to hard
  • Lack of checkpoints
  • Lots of death

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