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Strange Brigade @ Gamescom 2017

Creators of the Battlezone and Rogue Trooper is back again with a new title. Strange Brigade was announced at E3 in june, but now we got the chance to play through a mission at Gamescom.



The best part with games such as Zombie Army Trilogy and now Strange Brigade, you do not have to had tons of experience or have to learn M.I.T stuff to play. There is no tutorial, but you don’t need it. The controls are easy to learn and master, it’s the horde of enemies that you should worry about. The graphics and gameplay is very familiar if you have played Zombie Army Trilogy or the Sniper Elite series; maybe some improvements on the graphics part, either way you won’t be disappointed.

This time we’re in a egyptian setting, with magical mummies, undead hordes and other huge monsters attacking you. As well exploring temples, tombs and dig sites to find the treasure and coins. As previously your arsenal of weapons isn’t big, but it will do the trick. You got yourself a rifle, pistol, shotgun and dynamite, maybe there will be more available at launch. Either than that it’s your skill set to the task, you have the option to shoot at some “balls” to set off traps such as spikes, blades and fire traps.


The gameplay is fast and fun, and hopefully it provides enough challenge on the difficulty and puzzles to be solved interesting to keep players playing on the long term.


There isn’t any confirmed release date yet, but the game will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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