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HjemConsBattalion 1944 @ Gamescom 2017

Battalion 1944 @ Gamescom 2017

Hands-on with this “classic modern” FPS

Did you love Counterstrike 1.6, Battlefield 1942 and other classic first person shooter from the old days? Well so did the team behind Bulkhead Interactive.

What is Battalion 1944?

Back in February 2016 a small team launched their campaign on Kickstarter asking for funding on their next game called Battalion 1944. Through their announcement they told they wanted to keep what made the FPS genre great. And within three days the goal was reached, and when the Kickstarter campaign ended they raised £317,281 of its £100.000 funding goal.

And with the funding in order a new game will emerge, focusing on the great genre of the first person shooter. But that’s not all the great news for this company, because Square Enix found out that they wanted to join this party and established a partnership with the developers and they joined the Square Enix Collective.



Hands-on impression

I must admit even though I love the “modern FPS” genre, it felt great to play a classic first person shooter again. Yes there was some issues here and there, but that’s why we got the chance to play the game early, to find issues, bugs and other ways to improve the game. We got the chance to have a small talk with one of the developers before headed into the game, and I could tell at once that this guy is truly proud of his game and work. And by attending Gamescom they got the chance to test how their servers could manage, if the game would hold and the most important thing; how the public would react.


Even with some fixable issues, the gameplay felt amazing. It’s fast and mechanics / performance works perfectly. As they say your Kar98, covering fire with your thompson and fluid player movements are the key to clutching every round for your team.

The main focus is 5v5 games on small / fast maps, and Battalion 1944 is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4.


If you love the first person shooter genre (especially the classic one) or if you was too little to play this genre when the genre was at it’s best, then I highly recommend you back this development by entering the early access program on Steam.


There are no confirmed release date yet, but we might not have to wait a very long time for an beta maybe?  


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