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Super Seducer – Review


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Name: Super Seducer
Developer: RLR Training Inc.
Publisher: RLR Training Inc., Red Dahlia Interactive
Released: 06.03.2018
Platforms: PS4 and PC
Reviewed on: PC
Acquired: *A copy of this game was provided from publisher for review purpose*

According to the rest of the Ulvespill crew, I’m hopeless when it comes to dating, and therefore decided I needed to play Super Seducer to learn a few tricks. Have I become a casanova? Or am I still that awkward geek? And did the game really help me understand dating more? Let’s find out!



In Super Seducer we play as Richard, a dude who wants to date girls. And immediately it is obvious that this dude is a bit stuck in the pre #MeToo-era, with possible sexist remarks and stalker-ish behaviour. Even though this game adapts to the choices the player makes, Richard feels like a cheeky character, instead of an in-game version of the player themselves.

Another issue I had with the game is the horrible acting, it’s cringeworthy, the girls are seem uninterested even when the mentor between every choice encourages you for doing a great choice, and the writing is not very good, to put it mildly.

Personally, I also fail to see why Richard needs to date several girls at once, what happened to sticking with one girl at a time? It might just be me being old fashioned, but whenever I’m on a date (which happens like once every five years), I don’t start planning another date with another woman while I’m there. It doesn’t help that the game is incredibly short as well, as I never feel like I get to know any of the girls during any of the segments.

Now, it must be said that the developers has addressed this issue by saying;

“Although we decided to make and began working on the game before #metoo, our female cast and crew ensured that:
we have strong female roles,
improper or offensive conduct is punished and corrected, and
the correct path is always one that would be appropriate in real-life.

Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge that I fully expect some people to presume they’ll find things in the game that they don’t like. I’m not going to pretend it’s not a game that aims to teach men how to pursue beautiful women successfully, nor apologize for that subject matter. However, I’d like to encourage everyone to please at least check out the trailer and, ideally, to play the game and make up their mind thereafter. The women involved in this project participated because they believe that it helps men develop better courtship skills and that guys will be less likely to offend women in the pursuit of a date after they play Super Seducer.”



Now, this game makes it a bit difficult to rate the graphics, as it’s all real actors being filmed. What I do want to mention though is the fact that the green screen around the actors are visible most of the time, and the camera is shaking a lot in the close-ups. It’s not that big of a deal, but it makes the game a lot less polished, and becomes annoying after a while.

As I mentioned earlier, the acting too is really bad, especially the voicing. That, combined with the lack of actors (there’s like five actors), makes the game less attractive the longer you play.




The whole premise for gameplay are the choices in dialogue you get (almost) every time Richard says something. And honestly, it just isn’t fun after one or two dates. The choices doesn’t really have that much of an impact, as the story progresses unless you fail catastrophically. And even then it’s not very fun, as most of the “jokes” Richard comes up with as a final form of trying to be a cheeky douchebag are mostly vulgar and disgraceful towards women.

Another fact is how long it takes for each scene to act out, you’re encouraged to try out the obvious bad choices too (just to see how not to act), but when it takes several minutes with cringeworthy, sexist remarks before you can go back and play further with the correct choices, it simply doesn’t work.



As the entire game is basically a movie with some choices, controls are next to none existing. I only tried to use mouse and the arrow keys, but there’s also possible to use a controller. There’s nothing special, neither positive nor negative, except the lack of adjustable input sensitivity for the mouse (if you don’t like it, you have to change the settings in Windows).


Replay Value

The replay value is only so-so, as it’s mostly cringeworthy when you select the wrong answers and there’s usually just one (or sometimes two) correct choices to get a “good” ending for each segment. However, if you do like to watch cringeworthy acting and listen to a dude being sexist, you can play through each choice loads of times.


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  • Story 3
  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 3
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3


Now, I realize I have been rather harsh when it comes to this game, but that’s mainly because it seems like the developers actually claims to have made a “tutorial” for dating with this game, and that just isn’t the case, it’s sexist, cringeworthy, not polished at all, and could genuinely be quite offending towards women. However, if you’re aware of this and simply want to play a game for the sheer cringe, this might just be the perfect game. Just please don’t act like you’re taught by this game, treat women with respect and not like objects, and simply take this game as a huge joke, then you might have a few moments of laughter

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  • Cringeworthy, but sort of fun
  • Great for streaming


  • Horrible acting
  • Pre #MeToo
  • You can see the green screen
  • Why so many girls?

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