Windstorm: Gold Edition Announced

Windstorm – The Game was released for the PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch last year. But now, after a high demand, Eurovideo Medien will release a Gold Edition of Windstorm.

Ostwind Gold Edition expands the popular game by many new tasks, missions,
adventures and playtime!
Apart from the main game OSTWIND, including all updates, the Gold Edition
offers a whole new – and more importantly – open world. Ride to wherever
you want! 

New missions wait to be solved by Mika and Ostwind: players have to find the
quickest way to Gut Kaltenbach, where Maria Kaltenbach is already awaiting
them with new tasks. Also, new side missions are available to unlock more
quests. 5 to 7 additional hours of beautifully rendered gameplay will cater to
the many fans request of more content. – Windstorm Factsheet

If you already own a standard edition of Windstorm, you can download the additional content on Wildriver when the Gold Edition launches 25th of October 2018.

Source: VISIBILITY Communications Press Release



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