The Lost Child is coming to Europe and North America in 2018

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Takesayu Sawaki and Kadokawa Games is known mainly for developing El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Their new game The Lost Child, was originally just launching in Japan but luckily it is coming to Europe and North America in 2018.

Occult journalist, Hayato Ibuki, encounters a strange girl while investigating a series of mysterious suicides across Tokyo. She implores that Hayato has to live, before bestowing upon him as mystical device used to capture celestial and arcane creatures. Hayato is thrust into a world beyond our own, a home to horrific demons and celestial beings. He must delve into dungeons, and solve the mystery behind the device. Where is journey leads him, could decide the fate of the world.

The Lost Child has had a great reception in Japan, where it was released on 24th of August. The game is exclusive for the PS4 and PSVita.



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